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Teaching Business English via Computer-Mediated Communication (Published)

When it comes to taking the top management posts in leading multinational corporations, particularly in the USA, there are hardly any CEOs of Chinese origin. Obviously, China lags far behind its neighbor and competitor, India, whose CEOs in US organizations have rapidly increased. So, to catch up, China must focus more on nurturing homegrown talent. In this article I discuss the design of a Business English course for the first year MBA students at Shenzhen University in southern China, which included a series of mobile learning missions through Blackboard (a learning management system). With more computer-mediated communication into the curriculum for English for Specific Purposes, it is expected to help learners to develop the skills they will need in the workplace.

Keywords: Business English, Learning Management System, computer-mediated communication

Teaching Business English at Non-Specialized Faculties in Azerbaijan (Results of Experimental Analysis at Azerbaijan State Economic University) (Published)

The article deals with the problem of Teaching Business English at non-specialized faculties of Azerbaijan. Business English is one of the branches of ESP, and it is the mostly used area in the world nowadays. Some authors, such as, Hutchinson T and Waters A, David Carver, Robinson, Toni Dudley-Evans, Jeremy Harmer, R.Mackay & A.J.Mountford and some other investigated ESP and its classification. In the 2nd part of the 19th century, Business English began to develop as an independent area of ESP and for learning it, learners should have General English knowledge. The main purpose of the article is to hold an experiment at non-specialized faculties in Azerbaijan. So, Azerbaijan State Economic University was chosen as a  target place for the experiment. A two-part experiment, each of which continued for 5 weeks, was held at ASEU in 2 experimental and 2 control groups. The results of the experiment are described in the tables given below.

Keywords: : Experiment, Business English, General English, Non-Specialized Faculties, Teaching