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The Effects of Key Service Outsourcing Strategies on Organizational Performance. (A Case Study of Commercial Banks in Ghana) (Published)

The study utilized registration inspecting to gather information from every one of the 15 acquisition officer, 17 examiners and 386 bolster staff. Cronbach alpha coefficient was utilized to test unwavering quality and was dissected utilizing descriptive insights and inferential measurements. The discoveries demonstrated that outsourcing absolutely increases on the execution of associations, it diminishes expenses of operation, efficient, nature of administration lastly the influences emphatically business deftness operation. Hence, the rate of hierarchical execution as a consequence of outsourcing is high in both short and long haul and numerous business administrators are resolved to join their prosperity to the outsourcing process. The study suggests that Policy creators and the administration need to comprehend the difficulties confronted in outsourcing administrations and figure approaches that would enhance administration conveyance. The study additionally shape a premise for further research by researchers intrigued to investigate how outsourcing influence execution at business banks in Ghana.

Keywords: Banks’, Business Deftness, Ghana, Organizational Performance, Outsourcing