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The Emerging Role of Social Media in Social Change: A Case Study of Burma (Published)

The current study aims to investigate the impact of social media on social change of Burma. It is a deductive study in which cross-section survey designed was chosen to collect the data. An online survey instrument was generated by the research for data collection. Due to the shortage of time and resources the instrument was attached to the most popular social sites of Burma like; 7Day News Journal, Eleven Media Group & BBC Burmes. These sites were selected due to their wide access range in Burma and highest number of followers. In total 338 samples were collected after the deduction of missing values and outliers, 314 samples were declared valid for further analysis. Majority of the respondents were young male having bachelor degree education. Data was analyzed through SPSS 21.0 for windows. The results show that overall, mean value was in between 2.3-3.92 and standard deviation in between 1.06-2.21.Cronbach alpha was conducted to examine item’s internal consistency, overall reliability was found 0.81. Both hypotheses were accepted. This study finds that social media has significant and positive impact on social change. This study was not free from the limitations. Future research can be conducted on longitudinal method; broadcast as well as print media can also be examined.

Keywords: Burma, Social media, social change