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Innovation in Bundh Breeding Unveil a New Avenues for Quality Seed Production in Captivity (Published)

Raising of fish seeds through Bundh Breeding is being one of the traditional and most dependable technology , mainly were in operation since long time by the farmers of the three states of India namely West Bengal , Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan . In early fifties and before the contribution of seeds from this sector surpassed the riverine collection , but recently fall short of the projected demand of seeds in the country . Till today about 70 % of major carp seeds that arrives at Howrah market are still from bundhs . Considering the importance of bundh , particularly its qualitative aspect , West Bengal fisheries department has long back developed and subsequently promoted the creation of mini bundh which is popularly known as Bangla Bundh . The creation of such type of bundhs has revolutionized the seed production in said three states . With the introduction of Chinese hatchery , which is more convenient and assured technique of seed production , this novel approach of quality seed production through bundh has declined to a significant level. Now, after 62 years of introduction of Chinese hatchery system, it has been realized that the quality of seed is not assured by the present day hatcheries , not only in W . B. but in whole of the eastern region . With this new understanding and providing qualitative approach in seed production in the country , the scientist , policy makers and academicians are now of the opinion that the bundh breeding should be encouraged in a modified and renovated form to assure seed quality to increase production in fresh water sector. Sustainability in aquaculture is primarily dependent on quality seed production and its steady supply to the farming sector . Realizing the same ICAR ( Indian Council of Agriculture Research , New Delhi ) has already initiated Mega – seed project throughout the country but failed to fulfill the objective of the project . Now as it is known that bundh breeding is not only easy but it is offering a scope to produce fish seed by simulating normal riverine environment in the bundhs , attempts have been initiated to rejuvenate the traditional practice . Again compare to induced breeding program , the seeds produced from bundhs are qualitatively better as the breeders follow natural breeding procedure . The fish breeders of Bankura District while trying to rejuvenate the traditional practice , have discovered some particular soil which is very much useful for enhancing the fertilization and hatching rate . Encouraged by this development bundh breeding gain its momentum again for production of quality fish seed.

Keywords: Bundh Breeding, Induced Breeding Technology, Quality Seed