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Considerations for Building Projects Execution, Monitoring and Control in Parts of Nigeria (Published)

There are several materials used in building construction projects. The choice and use of these materials depend on availability, local conditions, technology available and practices of the industry among others. Therefore, this study assessed factors influencing lack of knowledge of properties of materials by the building project supervisors and the effects of not considering their properties during execution of the projects in the study areas. Using survey design to obtain the relevant information through questionnaire administration, a sample size of 222 professionals involved in various building projects design and supervision and urban development in the study areas were selected using a stratified random sampling technique. Descriptive and inferential statistical tools were used to analyse the data collected. The findings revealed that non familiarity with the properties of fresh concrete (4.07), neglect of considerations for strength of materials during execution of building projects (4.06) (F=106.476; p<0.05). Building failure (3.83), and building collapse (3.42); F (129.749; <0.05). These were the factors and effects of not considering properties of materials in the study areas, thereby leading to structural failure. It was recommended that Building Ccollapse Preventive Guide of Nigeria should be organising on the job training for construction workers in the informal sector of the construction industry.

Keywords: Building Projects, parts of Nigeria, projects execution, properties of materials

Causes of Time Overrun In Building Projects in Nigeria: Contracting and Consulting Perspectives (Published)

Completion time is one of the yardsticks for measuring the level of project success in the construction industry. Thus, timely completion of construction projects is of great concern to construction projects participants. However, time overrun in building projects has been observed to be one of the major problems of the industry for many years. This paper examined the causes of time overrun in building projects with a view to attracting policy response which could enhance project time performance. Copies of structured questionnaire were administered on 95 construction professionals in contracting and consulting firms in Lagos State, Nigeria out of which 70 were properly filled and used for analysis. Mean score and Spearman’s rank correlation were used to analyse the data collected. The study indicates that both contractors and consultants were in agreement that time overrun was mostly due to financial difficulties, incomplete project details and clients’ interference.

Keywords: Building Projects, Consulting, Contracting, Nigeria, Time Overrun