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Bubble Point Pressure Correlation for Deep Offshore Region of Nigeria (Published)

Producing oil from deep offshore fields poses serious risk especially due to peculiar pressure and temperature regimes characterizing the fields. These variables affects the bubble point of the produced hydrocarbon in such fields. The significance of Bubble point pressure and gas solubility has led researchers to continually develop correlations to accurately predict these reservoir oil properties. In this work, measured bubble point pressure is first evaluated and a new correlation is established to estimate crude oil bubble point pressure for deep offshore region of West Africa. Nonlinear Multiple Regression analysis was utilized. The correlation applies to API crude oils ranging from 38 to 56. Comparison with other published ones of this new correlation indicates that it is much more precise than the others. The developed correlation’s Average Absolute Percent Error (percentage) is 4.8 percent. The result is indicative of an agreement between the measured and estimated data.

Keywords: - bubble point, Correlation, Nigeria, Pressure, deep offshore