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Business Survival Growth Model (BSGM) Canvas VS Business Model Canvas (BMC) (Published)

The term business model has been used in practice for several years, companies has created, defined and innovated their models of business directly or indirectly with the aim of gaining better positioning in the market place. This paper is aimed on establishing a comparison between business model canvas and Business survival growth model (BSGM), Although the Osterwalder business model canvas (BMC) is widely used and adopted by professionals globally but is yet to gain grounds in academics. The model information of BSGM model is written based on how the mechanism of BSGM canvas work. The understanding of business frameworks surrounding both models which forms the basis of this paper. With more insight into the comparison concerning both models. Moreover, business model canvas is one that has been widely adopted by professionals as a way to see business start-ups holistically. While BSGM explains the operational business system needed to setup new businesses to either survival or grow in the market place. This particular study is conducted based on tested business approach adopted by global brands and secondary based information on Businesses model canvas.

Keywords: BSGM. Canvas, Business Model BMC, Business Survival, Growth Model