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Balanced Scorecard Automation System in Higher Education Institutions (Published)

Due to the importance of managing organizational performance in directing organization towards achieving its goals, a lot of measuring tools were developed to measure organizational performance. One of the most important measuring tools is Balanced Scorecard (BSC) that balanced between measuring the performance from financial and non-financial aspects of organizations. Although the BSC has been applied widely in many organizations, its implementation was limited to a few studies in the public educational sector. Also, most of BSC implementation was manual or through spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel, which made the process of tracking the performance challenging and unorganized. Therefore, the purpose of this work is using technology to solve a major managerial issue by automating the BSC in a full-scale system that enables the user to track, monitor and evaluate the performance continuously, to ensure that organization is moving in the right direction to achieve its goals. The system applied in government higher education institutions, and specifically in King Abdulaziz University (KAU).

Keywords: BSC, Balanced Scorecard., Organizational Performance