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Determination of Optimum Level of Mash Combination with Full-Fat Soyabean Meal in a Mixed-Feeding Regime for Broiler Chicken (Published)

A mixed-feeding trial consisting of five different treatments of commercial broiler finisher (CBF) and full-fat soyabean meal (FFSBM) was carried out. The treatment groups were fed ad libitum and water at all times. One hundred (100) broiler birds of commercial strain of 5 weeks of age in five treatments group were used in this study with twenty-birds per treatment. Broilers in the experimental group were balanced for initial body weight. Calculated composition of the commercial broiler finisher in used was 20 % crude protein (CP) and 12.5 MJ (ME). Final body weight at 10 weeks for CBF (control), CBF + 15 % FFSBM, CBF + 20 % FFSBM, CBF + 25 % FFSBM, and CBF + 30 % FFSBM were 2619.00 g, 2301.90 g, 2401.80 g, 2428.60 g and 2512.50 g respectively. Broilers on CBF + 25 % FFSBM were found to be comparatively most efficient in the conversion of feed into body tissues. The results showed that in a mixed-feeding regime of CBF with FFSBM up to 25 % will induce fast growth, early attainment of market age and early sexual maturity in male broiler birds. The study has therefore established that 25 % FFSBM level in a mixed-feeding regime was the optimum for growing broilers.

Keywords: Optimum, broiler finisher., commercial strain, fast growth, sexual maturity; mixed-feeding