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The Effect of Packaging Characteristics on Brand Preference for Cosmetics Products in Abia State, Nigeria (Published)

The study analyzed packaging characteristics and their effects of brand preference for cosmetics products in Abia State of Nigeria. Packaging characteristics considered were packaging size, colour and shape. A sample size of 250 was purposively selected for the study. The samples were drawn from the five (5) major markets in Aba metropolis of the State. Data analysis was done with karl pearson correlation coefficient model. Findings showed that all the variables examined (size, colour, and shape) were positive and significant factors influencing brand preference for cosmetics products. The study concluded by recommending that adequate packaging strategies are to be formulated and implemented by manufacturing companies when they are designing packages for their products brands. Such packaging strategies must incorporate all the elements of packaging which include packaging colour, size and shape. Furthermore, marketing research that focuses on packaging sizes, colours, and shapes which will be desired by consumers should be regularly conducted to enable manufacturing companies to know the right packaging variables to utilize during the design of packets.

Keywords: Brand Preference, Cosmetics, Packaging Characteristics