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Brand-Centered Recruitment: A New Discourse in the Delivery of Employee Brand Promise (Published)

To participate effectively in the present competitive market of higher education sector in Pakistan, universities must achieve a competitive advantage, which they can be attained by building the brand. This study promotes employees’ brand citizenship behavior as a precursor to build strong organizational brand. The phenomena of internal branding is growing in marketing research in relevance of employees’ behavior, but a few studies has discussed the relationship between brand-centered human resource practices and employees’ brand citizenship behavior. The lack of studies in this area also raised question about what should be an appropriate behaviors of employees that contribute towards the successful delivery of brand promise. Therefore, this study attempted to investigate the relationship between brand-centered recruitment and employees’ brand citizenship behavior. University teachers from public sector universities from the province of Punjab Pakistan were involved in this study. For data collection purposes, 600 questionnaires were distributed to target respondents.  However, only 384 questionnaires were usable. Result indicated that brand-centered recruitment practice exhibited a significant influence on employees’ brand citizenship behavior. Further, detailed analyses also were discussed pertaining to the relationship of variables understudy. The implications as well as direction for future study also were addressed.

Keywords: Brand Citizenship Behavior, Brand Promise, Brand-Centered Recruitment, Employee Branding, Internal Branding