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Effect of Brain-Based Strategy on Senior Secondary School Students’ Performance in Mathematics in Ekiti State (Published)

The study examined the effect of brain-based strategy on senior secondary school students’ performance in Mathematics in Ekiti State. The study adopted the quasi-experimental of pre-test, post-test design. The population for the study consisted of all the Senior Secondary School three (S.S.S. II) students in all public Secondary Schools in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The sample consisted of 181 S.S.S. II found in intact classes of the four schools that were selected for the study through multistage sampling procedure. Mathematical Based Performance Test (MBPT) was used to collect the needed data for this study. The instrument consisted of 50 items to examine the performance of students in Mathematics. The experimental procedure for the study was in three stages: the pre-treatment stage (one week), the treatment stage (ten weeks) and the post-treatment stage (one week). The data collected were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. It was revealed that brain-based strategy was more effective and reliable than the conventional method. It was recommended among others that brain-based strategy should be adopted as a means of instruction during Mathematics class. This will enable Mathematics teachers to pay more attention to individual students in teaching-learning process.

Keywords: Mathematics, Performance, Students, brain-based