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Boundary Disputes and Its Socioeconomic Effects on Some Selected Communities of Delta State, Nigeria, (Published)

Boundary conflicts have been one of the major problems affecting the socio-economic activities of most settlements over time. The study is aimed at the socio-economic effects of boundary and land disputes in some selected communities of Delta State, Nigeria. Data for the study was generated through the distribution questionnaires, which was administered to 400 respondents divided into eighty (80) each in the five areas of administration. In order to elicit more information, questionnaires were administered to both internally displaced persons and those living near the boundaries of the communities and a systematic sampling technique was used in achieving this. The finding of the study shows that boundary and land disputes have an enormous effect on the socio-economic activities of the inhabitant of the identified communities, such as loss of lives and properties, government spending huge amounts to cater for internally displaced persons, loss of income and farmland, and reduction of food production. It was therefore recommended that both the government and individuals in such communities should be proactive in handling issues related to such conflict resulting from boundary and land disputes.

Keywords: Communities, Delta State, Internally Displaced Persons, boundary, land disputes