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Effect of Processing Methods of Toasting, Soaking, Boiling, Sprouting On Dietary Fibre and Antinutrient Contents of African Yam Bean and Red Kidney Bean Flour (Published)

The effect of boiling, toasting sprouting and soaking were on dietary Fibre and anti-nutrients in African yam bean and red kidney beans were studied. The samples were grouped into five. The first group was the control (raw). The second, third, fourth and fifth were respectively boiled, toasted, sprouted and soaked. The samples were later subjected to laboratory analysis to evaluate their dietary fibre and antinutrient contents. Results indicate significant (p<0.05) increase in dietary fibre of African yam bean (1.95) and red kidney bean (3.11%). Boiling, sprouting and soaking caused increase in dietary fibre (2.39%), 2.17% and 23% respectively while only boiling and sprouting let to significant (p<005) increase above that of the raw in red kidney bean. Generally all the anti nutrients were significantly reduced by boiling, toasting, sprouting and soaking in both African yam bean and red kidney bean.

Keywords: African Yam Bean, Antinutrient Contents, Boiling, Dietary fibre, Processing Method, Red Kidney Bean Flour., Soaking, Toasting