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Effect of Audit Committee, Board of Commissioners Size on Social Responsibility Disclosure with CEO Tenure as Moderating Variable (Published)

Its capacity is to demonstrate the effect of the Review Council , the Leading group of Chiefs on the revelation of Corporate Social Duty with President Residency as the directing variable. The populace in this investigation are organizations recorded on the Indonesia Stock Trade (IDX). The examining procedure utilized is purposive inspecting. The sort of information utilized in this examination is optional information. The consequences of the investigation show that the impact of the Review Advisory group and the Size of the Leading body of Chiefs affects Divulgence of Corporate Social Obligation, yet President Residency doesn’t reinforce this impact.

Keywords: Audit Committee, Audit Quality, Board size, CEO tenure, ROA, firms’ size

Corporate Governance and Reported Earning Quality in Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria (Published)

This study examined the effect of Corporate Governance on Reported Earnings Quality in Nigerian deposit money banks. Cross sectional data were obtained from Ten (10) listed deposit money banks in Nigerian Stock Exchange for over a period of ten years (2008-2017). The data were analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Earnings predictability was adopted as a proxy for reported earnings quality, while board size, board independence, foreign directorship and firm size were used as proxies for corporate governance. The study found board size having a positive and insignificant relationship with earnings quality; a negative and insignificant relationship between board independence and earnings quality; a positive and significant relationship between foreign directors on board and earnings quality; and also a negative and insignificant relationship between firm size and earnings quality. It was therefore recommended that deposit money banks should increase both their board size and number of foreign directors on board as these will enhance their reported earnings quality.

Keywords: Board independence, Board size, Corporate Governance, earning quality, foreign directors

Do Drivers of Corporate Governance Influence shareholder Value (Published)

This study examines effect of drivers of corporate governance on shareholder value. Data from annual financial reports of listed manufacturing companies in Nigeria were analysed and tested using panel dynamic ordinary least square model and panel unit root tests. Most variables used as proxies for shareholder value responded positively to variations in audit independence while there is a non-significant effect of audit independence on all variables used as proxies for shareholder value. Board independence has a positive and non-significant effect on shareholder value whereas board size and audit size negatively and non-significantly affect shareholder value.  The study further reveals that audit size, board size and board independence have negative and non-significant impact on the economic value added which represents the market value of shareholder assets. Only audit independence has a positive and non-significant impact on economic value added. Corporate governance drivers are efficacious but do not influence shareholder value significantly.   


Keywords: Audit Committee, Board size, Corporate Governance, Environment, Independence, Shareholder value

Corporate Governance and Audit Quality in Nigeria: Evidence from the Banking Industry (Published)

This study examined the relationship between corporate governance and the quality of auditor’s report with evidence from the Nigerian Banking Industry. The research design adopted for this study is the ex-post facto as the research relied on historic data. Eleven (11) deposit money banks quoted on the Nigerian Stocks Exchange were sampled. In testing our hypothesis, the correlation analysis was applied to a dataset covering seven (7) years from 2007 to 2014 that is   the post-corporate governance period. Analysis suggests that while board composition has a negative and insignificant relationship with audit quality, separation of the roles of the CEO from that of the chairman of the board, board size, and composition of the audit committee has positive and significant relationship with audit quality. Furthermore, findings also show that ownership concentration has a positive but insignificant relationship with audit quality. Findings  also show that the strength of the positive linear relationship between the separation of the roles of the CEO from that of the chairman of the board and the audit quality is as high as 0.702377 or 70.23% followed by the relationship between board size and audit quality which stood at 0.452896 or 45.28%. However, the   study thus concludes that effective corporate governance arises out of responsible and simultaneous vigilant actions by the managers, the board of Directors, shareholders and auditors. Good financial Reporting from the external auditors is an important building block of corporate governance because the information provided to the shareholders has to be optimal in terms of cost and benefits. The study also recommends that the relationship between management and shareholders have to be characterized by transparency and fairness.

Keywords: Audit Quality, Board Composition, Board size, Corporate Governance, Nigeria


The objective of this study is to examine the determinants of audit report timeliness in Nigeria. Specifically, the study examines the effect of company size, profitability, complexity and audit firm type on audit report timeliness. The cross-sectional research design was adopted with an extensive reliance on secondary data. The data was source from annual reports of manufacturing companies quoted on the floor of the Nigerian stock exchange for 2010-2012. The ordinary least squares (OLS) regression technique was utilized as the method of data analysis. The finding of the study shows the following; (i) A significant relationship exist between board size and Audit report lag (ii) A significant relationship exists between board independence and Audit report lag (iii) A non-significant relationship exists between audit firm type and Audit report lag. It was also discovered that the time lag prescribed by the regulatory bodies are usually too much thus encouraging companies to engage in the act of delaying their financial statements. The recommendation is that in achieving the objective of making the financial statements readily available for making timely decisions, the Nigerian stock exchange, securities and exchange commission, the Financial Reporting council, the Central Bank of Nigeria and other regulatory bodies should put in place measures to ensure strict compliance with the laid down rules and regulations.

Keywords: Audit Report lag, Board independence, Board size