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Study the Effect of Probiotic Consumption on the Iraqi Human Body Weight and Lipid Profile (Published)

The effect of probiotic strains on the human were studied. Sixty healthy volunteers were participation in this study , which are divided in three groups, G1 treated with 3 probiotic strains with diet , G2 treated with 2 probiotic strains with diet and G3 (control group) with diet and exercise. The effect of probiotic strains on the body weight showed significantly differences between treated groups .The G1 were decreased the body weight by 8.05% (85 kg to 78.15) and G2 decreased the body weight by 6.4% (82.75 to 77.45) compared with G3 which decrease by 6.63% (87.2 to 81.41). The statistical study showed positive effect of treated by probiotic stains on the W.C. The G1 was decreased it by 7.36% while G2 was decrease it by 7.46%, compared G3 that showed decreasing by 5.16% . The effect of probiotic strains on the lipid profile in human showed that the cholesterol concentrations decreased by 14.41% (149.35)gm/dl vs (170.2)mg/dl after six weeks in the G1 , compared to the G2 9.28% (158.35) mg/dl vs (174.55)mg/d ,in the contrast with G3 was elevated from (167.20) mg/dl vs (174.50) mg/dl. The mean concentration of triglyceride was decreased in the G1 by 28.1% (74.05 mg/dl ) to(53.2)mg/dl and in the G2 was decrease by 17.73% (70.30)mg/dl to(57.85)mg/dl , contrast with G3 was decreased by 14.05% (69.38)mg/dl to (59.63) mg/dl the HDL was elevated in G1 by 8.77%. and in G2 by 4.25 %.comperd with G3 .The LDL was decreased in G1 BY 22% (95.64) to (74.18) mg/dl and by 17.2% (102.61) to (84.92) mg/dl G2 after 6 week intervention compared to the control group (98.93) to( 81.93) mg/dl). This study was showed the significant effect of probiotic strains in different parameters.

Keywords: (BMI) body mass index, Lipid profile, Probiotics