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Organic Black Tiger Shrimp Farming System (Iso 65 Ifoam): Strategy Through Open Spirit Reap Back To Nature (Published)

The strategy is very logical considering cultured shrimp is for export, not to meet the domestic market demand. . The object studied is the traditional shrimp farmers and organic shrimp farmers.The purpose of research is to find a strategy of foreign exchange earned through the implementation of organic shrimp farming systems (ISO 65 IFOAM). The study used a descriptive approach. To find a strategy using SWOT analysis of foreign exchange earned by weighting the Balanced Score Card. While the effects of the implementation of shrimp farming organic systems analysis with Snow Ball Effect Matrix Balanced Score Card. The results showed that through the implementation strategy organic shrimp farming systems following priority actions are: strengthening the bargaining power in the international market through the supply of organic shrimp exports were stable throughout the year, improving the quality of the supply of organic shrimp.

Keywords: Nature, Organic, Strategy, black tiger, shrimp farming system