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On Univariate Offset Pearson Type II Model – Application to Live Data (Published)

The bivariate Pearson Type II distribution arises in many statistical problems including analysis of variance and experimental design in general and two stage estimation procedures, but is rarely used to fit data. By applying the method of offsetting on the said bivariate distribution, a circular model is constructed which is univariate and is suitable to fit an angular data. Here an attempt is made to derive pdf, cdf and the characteristic function of the Offset Pearson Type II model. Expressions in Mardia and Jupp (2000) are employed to study the properties of the Offset Pearson Type II model. Measures of relative performance like Maximum Likelihood, AIC and BIC are evaluated to find out which model is more appropriate for 13 pigeon data.

Keywords: Bivariate Pearson Type 11 Model, Goodness of Fit, Univariate