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Survey on the Outbreak of Anoplocnemis curvipes on the leaves of Bitter leaf in RSU Research Farm, Rivers State (Published)

A survey on the infestation of a polyphagous insect pest Anoplocnemis curvipes was conducted in bitter leaf garden located at Rivers State University Teaching and Research farm. This piercing and sucking insect severely damaged the young shoots, petiole and stems of bitter leaf thereby causing wilting and death of the plants in Rivers State University vegetable (bitter leaf) garden. Lambda-cyhalothrin insecticide was applied on the infested bitter leaf using Knapsack sprayer at a recommended dosage to manage the insect pest, 116 nymph/adult A. curvipes were counted after the application. As a result of the severity of the pest attack, 100% yield loss was recorded in the garden. Thus, this survey is reporting its damage as a pest alert and also to create awareness of the presence of this notorious polyphagous pest A. curvipes in our garden as a major insect pest in our agro-ecological environment.

Keywords: Anoplocnemis curvipes, Damage, bitter leaf garden, insecticide