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Searching Isomorphic Graphs (Published)

To determine that two given undirected graphs are isomorphic, we construct for them auxiliary graphs, using the breadth-first search. This makes capability to position vertices in each digraph with respect to each other. If the given graphs are isomorphic, in each of them we can find such positionally equivalent auxiliary digraphs that have the same mutual positioning of vertices. Obviously, if the given graphs are isomorphic, then such equivalent digraphs exist. Proceeding from the arrangement of vertices in one of the digraphs, we try to determine the corresponding vertices in another digraph. As a result we develop an algorithm for constructing a bijective mapping between vertices of the given graphs if they are isomorphic. The running time of the algorithm equal to O(n5), where n is the number of graph vertices.

Keywords: Algorithm, Bijective Mapping, Graph, Graph Isomorphism Problem, Isomorphic Graphs, Isomorphism