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Factors Affecting Credit Risk to Individual Customers at the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam Dong Thap Branch (Published)

Research on factors affecting credit risk for individual customers at Dong Thap BIDV was conducted by interviewing 130 individual customers who were borrowing money at Dong Thap BIDV through prepared questionnaires.The study uses methods such as descriptive statistics, absolute and relative number comparison, probit regression model to solve the research objectives. Research results show that there are 04 independent variables with a linear correlation with the dependent variable, including debt guarantee; The main industry generates income to pay off debt; Experience of credit officers; Number of dependents. From the research results, the authors propose a number of solutions to limit the credit risks of individual customers at Dong Thap BIDV in the next time.

Keywords: BIDV Dong Thap, Credit risk, Factor analysis, individual customers