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Effects of Environmental , Alpha and Beta Particles on Lightly Doped p-n Junction Germanium films (Review Completed - Accepted)

The lightly aluminum and arsenic doped germanium films were prepared using thermal co-evaporation process to deposit p-n film junctions with (0.1wt%) concentration. The prepared films were exposed to circumstance and natural radionuclide (Ra226) emitted alpha and (Sr90) emitted beta particles after heat treatment with various dosages .The J-V characteristics refer to shifting in both forward and reverse bias and lead to increase in resistivity, initial and final threshold voltages, resistivity variation percentage, but damage percentages decreases after every stages of exposure. Also the change of current per unit volume increase with environmental exposure and fluency.

Keywords: Alpha Particle, Beta Particle, Doping, Environment, Semiconductors, Thermal Evaporation P-N Junction., Thin Film