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Appraisal of Some Chemical Elements of Plantain (Musa Paradisiaca) Cultivars in Bayelsa State, Nigeria (Published)

We are aware that many studies had been carried out in plantain research but less attention has been paid to individual characteristics of the nutrient composition in cultivars. A knowledge about specific traits in a cultivar will help to address issues concerning dieticians, nutritionists (human and animals), medical questions, pharmaceutical industries and others to effectively utilize the findings in their various disciplines. Appraisal of ten plantains(Musa paradisiaca) cultivars was carried out in Wilberforce Island, 2016, Bayelsa State,Nigeria. Materials were collected from Bayelsa State and Rivers State all in Nigeria. Crops were harvested late 2017 and samples were collected randomly and were subjected to proximate (%) and mineral nutrient analyses (mg/100g). Our records showed that moisture content in peels and food ranged from 73.825% Taraipe to 86.67% Indouberiba with a mean value of 81.6404% while in food it ranged from 53.8% Oyobaberiba to 78.64% Kalaasinberiba with an average value of 68.98%.Percentage ash content in peels swayed from 1,48% Keniipe to 2,124% Opuaasinberiba and the mean value is 1.65%, while that of the food ranged from 1,36% Keniipe to 2,246% Opuasinberiba with average content 1.806%.The values of percent protein in peels ranged from 3.87% Kalaasinberiba to 5.56% Agalaberiba and mean value 4,557%, that of food from 6.482% Sorainipe to 8,84% Agalaberiba with an average level of 7.661%.  Lipid content in peels and food ranged from 1.488% Opuasinberiba to 3,28% Agalaberiba in peels and 1.426% Nianipe to 2.86% Agalaberiba in food with subsequent mean values of 2.1249% and 1.9971%.Percent composition of NFE in peels and food ranged from 86.03% Agalaberiba to 88.939% Taraipe and 0% Indouberibato 86.42% Niaipe with averages 88.1741% and 76.7284%.  Calcium content in peels and food ranged from 16.64mg/100g Opoasinberiba to 34.72 mg/100g Agalaberibaand14.92mg/100g Opuasinberiba to 30.84mg/100g Keniipe with mean values of 23.721mg/100g and 22.092mg/100g.Magnesium (Mg) content in peels and food varied from 7.54mg/100g Keniipe to 10.6mg/100g Agalaberiba and 5.78mg/100g Maiipe to 8.74mg/100g Agalaberiba, while their mean values are 8.871mg/100g and 7.118mg/100g. Sodium (Na) content (mg/100g) in peels and food ranged from 10.66mg/100g Soranipe to 19.9mg/100g Agalaberiba and 8.46mg/100g Sorainipe to 17.84mg/100g Oyobaberiba with mean values of 14.414mg/100g and 12,217mg/100g.Potassium (K) content (mg/100g) in peels and food in ranged from 14.36mg/100g Oyobaberiba to 16.76mg/100g Indouberiba and 10.6mg/100g Keniipe to13.6mg/100g Sorainipe having mean values of 15.623mg/100g and 12.502mg/100g.Iron (Fe) content (mg/100g) in peels and food of plantain cultivars varied from 0.168mg/100 Indouberiba to 0.74mg/100gKeniipe and 0.287mg/100g Indouberiba to 0.725mg/100g Keniipe with average values of 0.4065mg/100g and 0.4687mg/100g. Manganese (Mn) of content in peels and food swayed from 0.138mg/100g Indouberiba to 0.216mg/100g Agalaberiba and 0.194mg/100g Taraipe to 0.242mg/100g Agalaberiba, while their mean values are 0.1749mg/100g and 0.2176mg/100g respectively.Copper (Cu) content (mg/100g) in peels and food ranged from 0.02038mg/100g Indoubariba to 0.092mg/100g Keniipe and 0.0342mg/100g Nianipe to 0.087mg/100g Keniipe with average values of 0.05054mg/100g and 0.0545mg/100g.Zinc (Zn) content (mg/100g) in peels and food oscillated from 0.106mg/100g Indouberba to 0.426mg/100g Keniipe and 0.136mg/100g Opuasinberiba to 0.42mg/100g Keniipe and means 0.2255mg/100g and 0. 2262mg/100g.Phosphorous (P) content (mg/100g) in values varied from 0.227mg/100g Indouberiba to 0.486mg/100g Agalaberiba and 0.354mg/100g Indouberiba to 0.542mg/100g Sorainipe with average values of 0.3214mg/100g and 0.424mg/100g.

Keywords: Beriba., Cultivars, Food, Nutrients, Peels, Plantain

Investigation of Some Nutritional Properties of Plantain (Musa Paradisiaca) Cultivars in Bayelsa State (Published)

The objective of this study is to investigate some nutritional properties of thirteen plantain (Musa paradisiaca) cultivars. Samples collected were subjected to proximate analysis expressed in percentage and mg/100g. The investigation revealed that moisture content in peels ranged from 78.74% Asinberiba to 87.33% Makomuberiba H2, the mean is 83.75%, in food, from 38.78% Okpoisan to 66.03% Ikpiriberiba average in edible portion is 58.05%. Ash in peels from 0.87% Asinberiba to 2.38% Ikpiriberiba, the mean is 1.74% , ash level in food from 0.68% Okpoisan to 1.78%  Makomuberiba H1,while the average is 1.27%. Protein in peels from 1.67% Kalabiouberiba to 4.2% Ikpiriberiba and from 2.76%  Kalabiouberiba to 6.75% Ikpiriberiba in food and their mean values are 3.04% and 5.04%. Lipid in peels varied from 0.84% Asinberiba to 2.24% Biriyereyereberiba and the mean is 1.37%, in food from 0.96% Auberiba to 2.36% Ikpiriberiba with a mean of 1.57%. Fibre in peels from 2.38% Izonberiba to 3.72% Makomuberiba (H1), the mean is 2.91%, in edible portion from 1.88 Auberiba to 3.0% Okpoisan and the average is 2.47%. Dry matter in peels from12.67% Izuberiba(Biou) to 21.26% Asinberiba, in edible portion from 33.97% Ikpiriberiba to 65.74% Auberiba, the average in peels and in edible portion are 16.28% and 44.26%. Carbohydrate in peels from 88.84% Ikpiriberiba to 92.91%  Makomuberiba H2, the mean is 85.47%, in edible portion from 87.22% Ikpiriberiba to 91.67% Kalabiouberiba with an average of 89.66%. Calcium in peels from 19.54mg/100g Izuberiba(Biou) to 28.56mg/100g Ikpiriberiba with a mean value of 23.72mg/100g, in edible portion, from 16.28mg/100g Izuberiba(Biou) to 25.80mg/100g Ikpiriberiba with a mean of 23.72mg/100g. Magnesium in peels varied from 5.53mg/100g Izuberiba(biou) to 9.2mg/100g Asinberiba with a mean of 7.62mg/100g, in edible portion from 4.5mg/100g Auberiba to5.83mg/100g with an  average of  5.04mg/100g. Sodium (Na) in peels from 9.28mg/100g Izuberiba(biou) to 14.72mg/100g and the mean is 12.12mg/100g Ikpiriberiba, in edible portion from 7.73mg/100g Izuberiba (biou) to 13.60mg/100g Ikpiriberiba with a mean of 8.82mg/100g. Potassium(K) in peels from 4.81mg/100g Izuberiba(biou) to 9.52 mg/100g Okpoisan and the mean is 7.16mg/100g, in food from 4.0mg/100g Izuberiba (biou) to 8.55mg/100g Ikpiriberiba with a mean of 8.55mg/100g.Iron (Fe) in peels from 0.57mg/100g  Auberiba to 2.23mg/100g Ikpiriberiba with a mean of 1.56mg/100g, in food from 0.63mg/100g Auberiba to 2.54mg/100g Makomuberiba(H2) and the average value of iron is 1.42mg/100g. Manganese(Mn) in peels from 0.12mg/100gIkpiriberiba to 0.56mg/100g Izonberiba and mean is 0.31mg/100g, in edible portion from 0.05mg/100g Auberiba to 0.57mg/100g Makomuberiba (H2), the average is 0.31mg/100g.Copper (Cu) in peels from 0.02mg/100g Makomuberiba (H2) to 0.22mg/100g Izonberiba, average in peels is 0.08mg/100g, in edible  portions from 0.04mg/100g Biriyereyereberiba to 0.22mg/100g Makomuberiba (H2) with  a mean of 0.13mg/100g. Zinc(Zn) in peels from 0.35mg/100g Auberiba to 1.14mg/100g Makomuberiba (H2) with an average of 0.78mg/100g, in edible portions from 0.21mg/100g Biriyereyereberiba to 1.07mg/100g and a mean of 0.64mg/100g. Phosphorus in peels from 0.17mg/100g Izuberiba (Izon) to 0.55mg/100g Makomuberiba (H1) and the mean is 0.30mg/100g, in edible portions from 0.13mg/100g Izuberiba (biou)  to 0.43mg/100g Makomuberiba(H1)  with an average of  0.23mg/100g.

Keywords: Beriba., Cultivars, Food, Musa Paradisiaca, Peels, Plantain