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Benthic Macro-Fauna Species Composition and Abundance in the Lower Sombreiro River, Niger Delta, Nigeria (Published)

The present study was designed to determine the species composition and abundance of the benthic community along the brackish water axis of the Sombreiro River, for a period of 24 – months from April, 2012 to March, 2014. Sub-sea sediment samples were collected on monthly basis in 10 sites and analyzed for macro-benthic organisms. The benthic macro-faunal community was represented by 8 species from 4 different phyla and 6 classes.Polychaetes were the most dominant class with 3 species and the others – Crustacea, Insecta, Gastropoda, Bivalvia and Pisces were represented by 1species each. While polychaetes and gastropods were observed in all stations others were found in only one site each. Polychaetes were the most abundant with 104 individuals representing 70.27%, followed by Gastropoda with 39 individuals (26.35%), Insecta is next with 2 individuals (1.35%) and others (Crustacea, Bivalvia and Pisces) contributed 1 individual each (0.67%).

Keywords: Benthic macro-fauna, Erkman Grab, Gastropoda, Polychaete, Sub-sea sediment