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Vietnamese EFL Learners’ Perceptions of the Use of Google Translate in Learning English (Published)

When people of different languages have more opportunities to work with one another, foreign languages are in high demand. However, not all people have an aptitude of learning foreign languages, so they tend to rely heavily on Google Translate (GT). Therefore, this study aims to explore how a group of thirty English-majored students responded to GT in terms of their habit of using GT, their satisfaction with GT, and their perceptions of the pros and cons of GT. Besides, using the percentages to calculate the frequency of their habit of using GT and satisfaction with GT, the researcher designed a five-point Likert Scale to measure their degree of agreement with the benefits and drawbacks that the participants when using it in learning English.  The results uncovered that more than half of the participants often use GT and showed their satisfaction with GT. Then, the majority of the participants were highly aware of the advantages and disadvantages that GT brings to its users. Some future recommendations about the same topic were also included.

Keywords: Google Translate, Perception, Vietnamese EFL learners, benefits and drawbacks