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The Exploration of “3d Stereoscopic-Synergetic-Open Mode” For Cultivating Graduate Students Majoring in Energy and Power Engineering in the Belt and Road Initiative (Published)

The high-level and international talents support is necessary for the development of the “Belt and Road (OBOR). The demands raise new requirement for talent cultivation in universities and the traditional cultivating pattern for graduate students is in urgent need of innovation and reform. Three existing problems restricted the quality of talent cultivation. A novel training mode named the “3D Stereoscopic-Synergetic-Open Mode” is proposed by Jiangsu University to solve the existing problems, including construction of 3D international cooperation platform, multivariate synergetic mechanism and opening cultivation system based on demand orientation. The research provides reference for cultivating graduate students against the background of the OBOR.

Keywords: belt and road initiative, energy and power engineering, postgraduate education, talents cultivation model