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City Branding: Exploring the Brand “Beirut” As a Tourism Destination in the British Market (Published)

In this study, the Beirut brand is evaluated in the context of British consumers. Tourism and Destination Branding Tool was used in determining the questionnaire. Accordingly, questionnaire was designed and distributed to randomly chosen 383 British people. Sample size was achieved through using sample size calculator over the internet.  However, only 100 questionnaires were totally filled by the participants and therefore, only those were included in the analysis. Descriptive statistics were used just as it is used in STCRC study. In this perspective tourists’ general expectations from the short and long term holidays were determined and compared with the results of experience gained in Beirut. Findings showed that British people mostly look for fun and entertaining places which also have a good accommodation. In long holidays they also look for good restaurants and sport facilities. Nevertheless, Beirut is found by them as far below compare to their expectations. In fact, they were not satisfied with their stays in Beirut and not willing to come back to the city in the future. This result also showed itself in the drop of the tourist coming to the city. In this context number of preventive measures should be taken by the government urgently to correct this situation.

Keywords: Beirut, Brand Image, City Branding, Tourism