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The Mediating Effect of Behaviour Intention between the Strategic Support and Behaviour Adoption (Published)

The purpose of this study was to establish if strategic support has effects on the user acceptance model on E-health systems adoption among nurses in the public hospitals in Kenya. The objectives of the study were to determine the effects of strategic support on the E-health systems and adoptions by nurses in public hospitals, the second objective was to determine the mediating effects of behaviour intentions on E-health systems adoptions by nurses in public hospitals. The study adopted explanatory survey design targeting all nurses. The muti-stage sampling method was used. The data collection instruments used were structured questionnaires. The instrument was tested for reliability and validity before full data collection was done. The results indicated that the strategic support significantly mediated the relationship between the behaviour intentions and the adoption (behaviour usage) (β=0.029, p>0.05).The regression results indicated that strategic support (β=0.149, p>0.05) had significant relationship to adoption (behaviour usage). Further, the study recommends that the strategic support mediate between the behavior intention and the adoption (behavior usage).  There is further need to review the Venkatesh (2003) model and technology adoption theories to understand better the strategic support in adoption of technology in other E-government initiatives.

Keywords: E-Health, behaviour intention, strategic support