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Gender and Perceptions of Diversity Management in Municipal Sports Organizations (Published)

It is known that diversity is the recognition, understanding, acceptance and acceptance appraisal of the differences between two people with respect to age, social or class, nationality, gender, physical and mental abilities, race, sexual preferences and religious beliefs. Studies have shown that gender diversity is an important factor in the representation of women in diversity management in both the private and public sectors. Literature search revealed no study to investigate gender diversity perceptions in the municipality sports organizations. Therefore, the aim of this study was to compare the gender perceptions of diversity management in municipal sports organizations. It was assumed that they would arise a statistically significant difference in the gender perceptions of employees in municipal sports organization in East Attica. Three hundred and fourteen employments in the sports municipalities in East Attica were randomly selected to participate in the study. For data collection, we used the scale developed by DeMeuse and Hostager (2001). After results analysis of the questionnaire scored by unpaired t-test scores, significant differences were observed in eleven of the total twenty items. It was concluded that women who are working in municipal sports organizations in East Attica had more positive perceptions toward diversity in comparison to their male subjects.

Keywords: Behavioral reactions, Diversity Management, Emotional Reactions, Judgment, Personal Consequences Organizational Outcomes.