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A Comprehensive Investigation on Tourists’ Satisfaction and Post Behavioral Intension towards Cox’s Bazar Beach of Bangladesh (Published)

The study was carried out in the world’s longest beach and the tourist capital of Bangladesh named Cox’s Bazar beach. The objective of the current study is to examine the tourists’ satisfaction towards Cox’s Bazar beach as well as re-visiting and recommending others to visit the destination. The study is based on both primary and secondary data, applied quantitative methods and 310 questionnaires were used. The factor analysis was conducted to generate composites variable from the original attributes. Multiple regression analysis was carried out using Translog stochastic frontier model and the results revealed that among all the derived factors, F1 (Emergency and Ancillary services), F2 (Accommodation and Security), F3 (Destination on the spot facilities) are significant factors influencing overall tourist satisfaction. Moreover, the concerned authority should provide and ensure quality service with these factors. This result can be helpful to the concerned policy makers and marketers of beach tourism at Cox’s Bazar in formulating strategies to maintain or enhance their competitiveness.

Keywords: Beach Tourism, Destination Spot Facility, Factor analysis, Stochastic Frontier Analysis.


The main objective of this study is to identify market segment for beach tourism products and services for promoting Cox’s Bazar Beach as a tourist destination. The study is based on primary as well as secondary data and sample size was about 308. Result shows a clear distinction between a male, older group of tourists and newly married couple, younger age and married with children depending on parents. The study also revealed that tourists have given a great preference to natural attraction along with enjoying sea waves and sunset view, medium class accommodation facility, safety and security, sanitation and cleaning, caring and waste disposal facility and emergency service. So, to occupy the best position in the mind of tourist the tourism managers and marketers should provide up to mark services as tourists expect. This finding can be useful to the policy makers and marketers of beach tourism at Cox’s Bazar in formulating strategies for their products and services considering the findings of the study.

Keywords: Beach Tourism, Destination attributes, Segmentation, Target market