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Job Satisfaction & Bankers Turnover: A Case Study on Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited (Published)

The purpose of this paper is to present and test a model that identifies employees work related attitudes enhances organizational goals in relationship with the practices of Motivation, job security and job satisfaction in Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd. This paper, therefore, aims to identify the relationship among the factors such as motivation, job security and job satisfaction of employees works related feelings. The sample for this study was the current employees of Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd. Printed questionnaires were distributed among 18 respondents and all the questionnaires have been collected and taken as the data for the research. The data has been analyzed with SPSS 17.0. In this study, the Correlation value was satisfactory, which proved that the items of questionnaires are appropriates with this study.

Keywords: BCBL, Bankers Turnover, HRM, Job Satisfaction