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Community Social And Culture Characteristic In Bawean Island, Indonesia (Published)

The diversification of social and origin culture Bawean was currently as the assimilation result of community social and culture diversification in Bawean Island in a very long process from 18th century until the beginning of 19th century, it was also belonged from ethnic culture of outside Bawean Island which is carried by Bawean inhabitants wandered about, it is started from the beginning of 19th century until now.These social and culture were absolutely having characteristic. One of dominant characteristic was a local wisdom and locally developed knowledge which located in the middle of Bawean’s community and it was developed from one generation to other generation. This community social and culture characteristic in Bawean Island would be a world’s attractiveness as well as capable to sustain tourism activities at Bawean Island.

Keywords: Bawean Community, Characteristic, Culture, Social