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Evaluation of Bauxite from Orin-Ekiti, Ekiti State, South-West Nigeria Using Chemical and Spectroscopic Methods of Analysis. (Published)

Bauxite samples were collected from Orin-Ekiti and analyzed using chemical and spectroscopic methods of analysis to substantiate its quality. The results obtained revealed that both method show close values for all parameters determined in all the samples. The silicon oxide concentration of all samples was found to have the highest value ranging between 44.22% and 56.02% while aluminum oxide concentrations in all the samples have values between 27.13% and 37.20%. The Iron concentration ranged from 0.63% to 6.01% while titanium oxide concentration was between 0.36% and 2.4% these values were all found to be within the specification range. The concentration of alkaline metal oxide and alkaline earth metal oxide determined are alkali metal and alkaline earth metals are below 1%. Results obtained have been compared with International standard for bauxite ore and it was discovered that the quality of Orin-Ekiti bauxite analyzed does not meet the specification for the production of aluminum but meet the specification as chemical bauxite for the production of Aluminium sulphate (Alum) and refractory materials

Keywords: Bauxite, Orin-Ekiti, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, chemical analysis