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English Pronunciation Problems Encountered by Basic School Pupils in Sudan (Published)

The purpose of this study was to identify the problems encountered by Basic School pupils in Abu Hamad Locality. The participants are Sudanese pupils of Basic schools limiting to Abu Hamad locality in River Nile State. The descriptive-analytical method was used. An interview and questionnaire were designed and distributed to the participants from different schools in the locality to collect data, which were analyzed with the SPSS program. The main findings based on the investigation found that it is so important to pay more attention to teaching English pronunciation at Basic School Levels, increasing the interactive activities to practice pronunciation, make and intensify efforts to organize regular training courses and workshops for English language teachers; using different ways of teaching to engage pupils and encourage their interaction in classes, using audios and CDs to facilitate English pronunciation. Basic school curriculum designers also have to give more attention to the syllabus design to provide more effective ways to enhance teaching pronunciation.

Keywords: basic school levels, pronunciation problems, teaching/ leaning pronunciation. teaching aids.