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Barriers for Adoption of Cloud Computing In the Palestinian Industries (Published)

Cloud computing is a term that refers to sources and computer systems available on demand through the network, which can provide a number of computer integrated services without being restricted by local resources. Organizations seek to reduction of in-house data centers and the delegation of a portion or the entire information technology infrastructure, applications, and support tasks to a cloud computing vendors. Palestinian industries respond quickly to adopt a proven ICT products and services supported by accessible telecom infrastructure. This study aims to investigate barriers for adoption of cloud computing in Palestinian industries. A survey instrument has been conducted in order to accomplish the research objectives. Data were collected from 68 ICT experts of the selected organizations in Palestine which was constituted the sample size. The results show that the most obstacles were security issues and insufficient financial support. It also show that SaaS was the most cloud computing service that currently utilizes in organizations. Furthermore, data storage and E-mail were the most cloud computing applications that frequently use by Palestinian ICT professionals in their organizations. This study would like be an incentive to the Palestinian institutions overcomes these barriers. The study could be one of the primary steps for fully utilizing of cloud computing in the Palestinian institutions.

Keywords: Barriers for Adoption, Cloud Computing, Palestinian industries, Palestinian institutions