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The Effect of Non-Financial Motivators on Employee Performance: A Case Study of Baringo County Referral Hospital in Kenya (Published)

The research assessed the effects of non-financial motivators on employee performance, taking a case of Baringo County Referral Hospital. The specific objectives were to: document the non-financial motivators used; determine the role of work environment in employee motivation; assess the effect of effective communication on employee productivity, and determine the role of training on employee performance. The research gaps identified were lack of non-financial motivators in the institution to improve employees’ performance. The study was prompted by the frequent strikes in public hospitals in Kenya. The study adopted a descriptive research design. The sample comprised 50 employees out of the 250 working in different departments within the Hospital. The sample was selected using the Central Limit Theorem. To collect data, questionnaires were used. The collected data was then analysed using study descriptive statistics to with the aid of computer software Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). From the findings of the study, there were some non-financial motivators at the hospital, namely communication, training and working environment. Most of the respondents stated that there was inadequate use of non-financial motivators and only a few were of contrary opinion. It was found that the majority of the employees felt there was no free flow of information in the hospital. In conclusion it was found that there is no free flow of information and also there are communication barriers within the institution. Concerning working environment, the health and safety policy is in existence but most of the staff are not aware. The training committee should base their recommendations on training projections and the five day training policy so that it may enhance staff performance. In recommendations the institution should enhance free flow of information. On work environment the employees should sensitized on health and safety policy.  The researchers recognized the functionality of training committee. However, they should have a clear criterion of recommending employees for training to ensure equity achieved upon the staff.

Keywords: Baringo County Referral Hospital, Employee Performance, Kenya, Non-Financial Motivators