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Scope of Tele-Pharmacists in Pandemic Situations: A Bangladesh Scenario (Published)

Currently, coronavirus COVID-19 has affected 209 countries around the world, killed more than 82,000 and infected more than 1.4 million, according to worldometer, April 08, 2020. Home-care is especially important in these situations because hospitals are not seemingly safe during pandemic outbreaks. Also, the chance to get out of the home during the lockdown period is limited. Telemedicine and telehealth technologies are especially effective during epidemic outbreaks, when health authorities recommend implementing social distance systems. Telephone-based measures improve efficiency by linking appropriate information and feedback. In addition to increasing access to healthcare, telemedicine is a fruitful and proactive way to provide a variety of benefits to patients seeking healthcare; diagnose and monitor critical and chronic health conditions; improve healthcare quality and reduce costs. 

Keywords: Bangladesh scenario, pandemic situations, tele-pharmacists