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Effectiveness of Some Fortified Nutritional Products with Sun Dried Banana Peels on Moody Status of Faculty Education Students in Nujran (Published)

Banana Peels are important in protection from chronic diseases as blood pressure, anemia and depression; it contains vitamins C, E, B6, minerals and phenols which act as antioxidants. Objective: This study was performed to know effectiveness of some fortified nutritional products with dried banana peels on moody status of faculty of education students. Methods: Sample of (30) students are selected to perform difficult test, and they became anxiety, tension and depressed. The students ate fortified products with 20% banana peels (Cake, Biscuit, and Cookies). After half hour, a questionnaire of status mood evaluation is used to evaluate the mood status of the students. The results revealed that the mood status is improved, the sensory evaluation of fortified products is better than control samples. Chemical analysis of dried banana peels protein, fat, carbohydrate, crude fiber were respectively (7.21±0.34, 4.78±0.91, 86. 7±0.25, 43.38±0.05, 1.31±1.07, 6.67±1.08), vitamins (A, B1, B6, C, E), were (9.074±1.4, 0.65±0.13, 1.85±0.5, 1.38±0.17, 129.78±6.8, 0.26±0.11), minerals potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, phosphor were (63.51±0.17, 15.66±0.38, 21.45±0.24, 0.17 ±0.11, 67.87±0.41 and 41.08±1.7).Total antioxidants and phenolic were (91.05±1.69, 65.36±1.53). Finally, this study recommended using dried banana peels in bakery products to improve mood status. Because it is rich in minerals, antioxidants, phenolic and tryptophan which converted to serotonin, make anyone relax and happy.

Keywords: Banana Peels, Bananas, Depression, Mood