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New diagram useful for classification of groundwater quality (Published)

Due to human and human activities the groundwater is polluted. This is the serious problem now a century. Thus the analysis of the water quality is very important to preserve and prefect the natural eco system. The primary objective of this paper is to study the groundwater quality parameters.The mechanism of chemical reactions leading to the change in the composition of groundwater and source of the dissolved ions in the groundwater can be understood by Banaga’s diagram. The Banaga method is not only shows graphically the nature of a given water sample and dictates the relationship to other samples but there are a number of different methods and schemes used to classify natural water quality, source, origin and determine their suitability for different purposes depending on the concentrations of the basic components.The new diagram is useful for better understanding the evolution of hydrochemical parameters of groundwater that can be by plotting the concentration of major cations and anions in % meq/l, and it is divides the water quality into five types. The results of this analysis were compared with the water quality standards of Piper diagram.

Keywords: Banaga diagram, New diagram, and groundwater quality