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Bahasa Indonesia Diplomacy and Other Country Language Diplomacy Experiences (Published)

Language is not only as communication tool but also have potential as political tool. In the context of International Relations study, language can be used as state political tool in the context of cultural diplomacy. Language is used to influence foreign public and develops positive image. Bahasa Indonesia have potential as a tool of Indonesian cultural diplomacy. It is supported by the Indonesia position as the largest country in Southeast Asia and Bahasa Indonesia is used by majority in the region. This article focus on the way to develop Bahasa Indonesia as a tool of Indonesian diplomacy by learning from other countries experiences like Japan Foundation of Japan, Confucius Institute of China, and Goethe Institute of Germany. From those countries experiences there are three strategies that can be considered to develop Bahasa Indonesia as cultural diplomacy’s tool. First is the establishment of Indonesian cultural and language center including with the programs. Second is the development of cooperation with education institutions such as university to open Bahasa Indonesia program under their Asian studies. And strengthening Indonesian position in economic and politics, especially in the region as significance factor the importance of Bahasa Indonesia.

Keywords: Bahasa Indonesia, Diplomacy, Indonesia, International Relations.

The Image of Nation: Case Study on Chinese Student Perception about Indonesia (Published)

Image of Nation is one of important aspect in International Relations today. It can influence the attitude of people and country to another and every country try to attract people and government from another country through the public diplomacy which is focuses on culture. To develop positive image, as part of Indonesian public diplomacy, Indonesia invites foreign student to learn and study Indonesian culture and Bahasa Indonesia. This article focus on analyze the reason of Chinese student from Guangxi Normal University to study Bahasa Indonesia and what is the image of Indonesia after they studied almost one year in Indonesia. The result shows that Bahasa Indonesia is one of prospective language and gives opportunity relate with job opportunity because of Indonesia-China raising relations. In other hand, Indonesia have positive image on the culture, tradition, polite, open minded, familiarity, kindness and friendship. However, Indonesia also have negative image on traffic, time and corruption. Those image describe how Chinese student percepts Indonesia as foreign country. According to this study, there are opportunity and challenges on Indonesian image development.

Keywords: Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese Student, Perception, Public diplomacy