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Addressing Community Food Security Through Gardening: A Review (Published)

As many residents struggle with access to fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) and continue to face food insecurity issues, community gardens can be used as a strategy in alleviating these challenges and helping families reduce pandemic-related economic losses by supplementing their diets with nutritious foods. Community gardens are a great way to increase food security, improve public health and reduce crime rates. With a variety of setups, locations, and goals, they can play an important role in making healthy, ethical, and sustainable food available to all people. Having abundant fresh produce readily available in the community reduces grocery bills for families and provides food options when they are low on groceries. Saving money and reducing food insecurity are two benefits. This was crucial during the pandemic when many people experienced financial losses due to unemployment, and it is still crucial given the rising price of food today. This paper, through a rigorous literature review, examines the contributions, and the positive impacts of community and home gardens towards addressing food insecurity and the overall well-being of household members and determines the type of gardening people practice, and common crops grown.

Citation: Buabeng F., and Aduteye E.K. (2022) Addressing Community Food Security Through Gardening: A Review, International Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Studies, Vol.9, No.4, pp.1-13

Keywords: Community, Food Security, Livelihood, backyard, garden, home gardens, urban farming