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Application of Neural Networks in Weather Forecasting (Published)

Weather Forecasting is the task of determining future state of the atmosphere. Accurate weather forecasting is very important because agricultural and industrial sector largely depend on it. Weather forecasting has become an important field of research in the last few decades. In most of the cases the researcher had attempted to establish a linear relationship between the input weather data and the corresponding target data. The Neural Networks package supports different types of training or learning algorithms. In this paper, the application of neural networks to  study the design of neural network technique  for Kanyakumary District,Tamil Nadu, India. A total of ten years of data collected for training the net work. The network is trained using the Back propagation Algorithm, Radial Basis Function, Regression Neural Network, Optical Neural Network, and Fuzzy ARTMAP Neural Network. The Fuzzy ARTMAP  network can give the best overall results in terms of accuracy and training time. It is better correlated compared to the BPN,RBFN,GRNN and ONN networks. The proposed Fuzzy ARTMAP neural  network can also overcome several limitations such as a highly non-linear weight update and the slow convergence rate. 

Keywords: Artificial Neural Networks, Back Propagation, Forecasting, Fuzzy ARTMAP, Neural network, Optical Neural Network, Radial Basis Function, Regression Neural Network, Weather