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Investigation of Technological Availability and Teachers Technological Proficiency in Public Secondary School in Rivers State (Published)

This study investigated the availability of technology and teachers’ technological proficiency in public secondary school in Rivers State. The study adopted the survey research design. The population of the study was all the 7,425 public secondary school teachers in the 268 in Rivers State. Simple random sampling technique was first used to select two schools from each LGA in the three senatorial districts of Rivers State, which gave a total of 46 schools. Again the simple random sampling technique was used to select 10 teachers from each sampled schools, which gave a sample size of 460 teachers. The instrument for data collection was a self-constructed questionnaire titled “Availability of Technology and Teachers Technological Proficiency Questionnaire (ATTTPQ)”, which had been validated by experts. The reliability index was established using Cronbach Alpha formula and a value of 0.79 was obtained. Three research questions were formulated and answered using frequency count and simple percentage and mean. The findings revealed that, majority of the schools lacks technological facilities and the few available once are computers, photocopiers and printers. The study also revealed that most of the teachers also lack technological proficiency. The study recommended that; the government should endeavor to provide some of the basic technological facilities in schools because of it significant to teaching and learning and the secondary school administrators should periodically be organizing workshops/seminars for teachers on technological proficiency.

Keywords: Secondary School Teachers’, availability of technology, technology proficiency