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Empowering End-User by Risk mitigation concepts in operational procurement through digitization (Published)

The current digital revolution has an impact on every sector of the Business, so automatically the procurement processes will also be affected; words like “Industry 4.0”, “IoT” and “Procurement 4.0” are floating all around. The purpose of this research paper to show that procurement is also a vital part of the supply chain industry. Procurement has three levels in which it is used in the industry i.e. Strategic, Tactical and Operational. The focus is further narrowed down to show operational procurement processes (P2P/R2P) in deep. The risks associated with P2P processes have been discussed in detail, further it is also shown how these risks can possibly be mitigated with automation. Automation of operational procurement processes in today’s competitive world is very important and this research shows how these automation concepts can be implemented, and which benefits will it bring to any organization? Emerging literature, case studies, blogs, expert opinions, citations are used to fulfill this task. This research contributes to explore further research on the automation of tactical and strategic procurement processes


Keywords: Automation, IOT (internet of things), Industry 4.0, Maverick Buying, Procurement, Risk Management, Supply chain management, operational procurement (p2p/r2p), procurement 4.0, scrm

Automated Land Registration in Edo State, Nigeria (Published)

The cadastre is land information system containing up-to-date records of interest in land. This system will normally have a base expressing the location of the land. One of the important components of a cadastre system is the cadastral map, but existing system consisting of paper maps and convention on Land Registry are becoming obsolete and ineffective. For that reason, an automated land registration system, based on digital cadastral map in which attributes and map data on cadastral unit are stored in the same database, should be introduced. This system will provide a potential means for making land records more accessible to commercial enterprises and the general public In addition, automated land registration provides efficient document and reduces the need for paper record duplication. This article traces the evolution of Edo State Cadastre Systems, appraises current practice and shortcomings. It compares the old systems of land registration and automated approaches of designing and implementing cadastre system. On the other hand, the possibility of interest based in land registration is also explored. The article advises that Edo State and other states in Nigeria can make substantial progress along the evolutionary path by using automated method to overcome the observed shortcomings of only the paper work.

Keywords: Automation, Cadastre System, Implementation, Records