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Novel Transformer less Adaptable Voltage Quadrupler Dc Converter with Closed Loop Control (Published)

In this paper, a novel transformer-less adjustable voltage quadrupler dc–dc converter with high voltage transfer gain and reduced semiconductor voltage stress was analyzed. The proposed topology utilizes input-parallel output-series configuration and is derived from a two-phase interleaved boost converter for providing a much higher voltage gain without adopting an extreme large duty cycle. The proposed converter cannot only achieve high step-up voltage gain but also reduce the voltage stress of both active switches and diodes. This will allow one to choose lower voltage rating MOSFETs and diodes to reduce both switching and conduction losses. In addition, due to the charge balance of the blocking capacitor, the converter features automatic uniform current sharing characteristic of the two interleaved phases for voltage boosting mode without adding any extra circuitry or complex control methods.

Keywords: Automatic Uniform Current Sharing, High Step-Up Converter, Low Voltage Stress, Transformer-Less, Voltage Quadrupler