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The Effect of Automated Car Park System on Revenue Collection in Busia County Government, Kenya (Published)

In the present-day competitive, fast-paced business landscape, getting the most out of available resources is not an option but a necessity. County governments are taking a highly proactive approach to systems modernization and operations in an effort to increase efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. The study sought to establish the effect of automated financial systems on revenue collection in Busia County Government. Based on the study, this paper examines the effects of automated car park system on revenue collection in Busia County Government. The study used the Meta Theory Model was used as the theoretical framework. The Theory posits that contingency factors, organizational factors and technological factors have an effect on the aspect of task performance. The study adopted ex post facto research design. The study targeted 140 employees who worked at the Busia County Government. The research used random sampling technique to identify respondents who participated in the study. The sample size was 103 respondents. Data was collected using a questionnaire and analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics (ANOVA, regression analysis and correlation). The study found that there was a statistically significant linear relationship between automated car park systems and revenue collection (p=0.000). The research recommended that Busia County should improve on automated financial systems. Automation of the revenue management process should be improved to enhance efficiency.

Keywords: Automated Car Park System, Busia County Government, Effects, Kenya, revenue collection