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Assessment of The Problems of Learning the Aural – Oral Skills at JSS Level in Katsina State, Nigeria (Published)

Effective communication in English by students at the Junior Secondary School level as envisaged by the 9 – Year English Studies Curriculum has remained elusive. In this article, effort is made to trace the problems with a view to offering workable solutions. The descriptive survey method was used. Sixty-eight Junior Secondary School students were used in the study. The subjects selected included 384 students. A self – designed questionnaire was used to collect the information required. Analysis of data was done by means of frequency counts and percentage. The study revealed among others, fear of English by students due to its absurdity. Based on the findings, among the recommendations given, was the need for teachers to employ more friendly activities to teach aural – oral skills to make their learning more effective and enjoyable.

Keywords: Assessment, Aural, JSS Level, Katsina State, Nigeria, oral skills, problems of learning

Improving Saudi EFL Students’ Aural Oral Skills (Published)

Aural and oral skills are the skills that enable EFL learners to perform meaningful communication and classroom interaction. Some of EFL Saudi learners avoid to practicing oral aural skills in the L2 and most of the time they exhibit a passive attitude in class. The problem of oral skills can be attributed to a variety of interrelated factors ranging from learner-cultural background and the teaching styles. In many EFL classes the aural oral skills have been somewhat neglected or poorly taught.  Motivated learners create a motivated and suitable atmosphere for learning the language in their classroom dealing with challenges, concentrating on the aural oral complex tasks at hand, and stimulating others in the classroom. The implementation of (ICT) in the educational environment especially in the teaching and learning of foreign languages provided language teachers and learners with authentic input through the use computer to enhance EFL learners’ aural and oral skills.

Citation: Wijdan Siddig EL-Khalifh Mohammed and  Rawan Muhy (2021)   Improving Saudi EFL Students’ Aural Oral Skills, International Journal of English Language and Linguistics Research, Vol.9, No 7, pp.19-31

Keywords: Aural, attitude, avoid, communication, neglecte, perform