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White Mango Scale (Aulacaspis tubercularis) Management approaches: A Review (Published)

There are different species of insects and diseases that contribute to low yield of mango tree throughout its stages of development. This review was intended to collect research works on white mango scale with special focus on research works done in Ethiopia. Different findings of research works on the insect were carefully studied. The white mango scale insect, Aulacaspis tubercularis (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) is a recent threat to mango production in Ethiopia which was introduced the first time in 2010 in western part of the country. It has spread to all mango producing areas of the country within a short period of time reducing the production and quality of mangos. Control measures taken against the white mango scale include use of chemical insecticides, quarantine, cultural practices, biological control using parasitoids and predators and integrated pest management. Quarantining the insect is the management method recommended in many cases. Generally, the current reports revealed that mango production in Ethiopia will be under serious threat which can even destroy total mango production in the future.

Citation: Wasihun Yaregal (2022) White Mango Scale (Aulacaspis tubercularis) Management approaches: A Review, Global Journal of Agricultural Research ,Vol.10, No.2, pp.36-45

Keywords: Aulacaspis tubercularis, Management, Mango, White Mango Scale