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“The impact of Garrison’s Model of Self-directed Learning on Improving Academic Self- Concept for Undergraduate Students” “AUE as a Model” (Published)

The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of Garrison’s Model of Self-directed Learning on improving Academic Self- concept for AUE Undergraduate Students. The study was carried out with (58) students consisting of 30 males and 28 females out of (115) psychology students, selected randomly and divided into two groups: experimental and control group. The data was collected based on the results of the Academic Self-concept Scale (the reliability coefficient of the scale was calculated by the researcher as (0.93). ANCOVA test, means and Standard deviation were used to analyze the data. The analysis of the data revealed a discrepancy between the means for both the experimental and the control groups that constitutes the study participants. The study also showed a more significant mean for the experimental group than the control group. The “F” value for post-test reflected Garrison’s model high impact in improving Academic Self-concept for AUE Undergraduate students.

Keywords: AUE Undergraduate students., Academic Self-Concept, Garrison’s Model, Self-directed Learning