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Audio Technology for Enhancing Distance Learning in Nigeria (Published)

This paper critically examined the place of Audio technology in distance education in Nigeria. Basic concepts such as audio technology, distance learning and information technology were theoretically defined in the context of the work. A brief appraisal of audio technology in distance education in Nigeria was highlighted, and it was observed that, although distance learning in Nigeria is not very recent but the integration of audio technology to this system of education seems to be a new development. The study highlighted the categories of audio technology in distance learning and their implications to distance learners. It was further stressed that audio technology in distance education has much advantages with some observed limitations. The paper concluded by recommending the need to integrate audio technology to distance education as an aid to improve on the existing practice. The federal government should review the nation’s educational policies to reflect this development. All stake holders in education business should put their hands to the wheel to ensure the successful integration of audio technology into the school curriculum. Efforts be made by education managers to ensure the provision of audio technology resources and trained personnel to support the use of audio technology in distance in Nigeria.

Keywords: Audio technology, Distance Learning and Information Technology